We are a family-run small business.  Justin and Liz Burrill with the help of their amazing staff run Junior Gym with the goal of providing a space which fosters healthy physical activity for children, but also a community space for parents and caregivers.  

Our classes and programs are always designed to promote the development of the whole child.  We are a non-competitive gym which means we focus on developmentally appropriate ways to physically challenge children in a low-pressure, fun environment.  We are inclusive.  We are proud to welcome all children, all body types, abilities and developmental needs.

For parents and caregivers we are happy to provide a community space where you can relax and comfortably enjoy watching your child having fun.  We do this by providing a spacious facility with tables and seating, good music, wi-fi,  complimentary coffee & tea, and more.  So whether you're participating with your toddler in class, hosting a birthday party, or getting work done on your laptop while your child is busy in class, you'll appreciate not only what we provide for your child but what we provide for you!


Justin Burrill, President, Instructor (Santa Rosa)

Liz DePrimo, VP, Manager (Santa Rosa)

Joseph San Juan, Manager, Instructor (San Mateo)

Lisa Marty, Manager (San Mateo)